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Drug Delivery by Specific Synthesis Localized of Poly amido- ami - شیمی و پلیمر
وکیل جرایم سایبری

Title:  Drug Delivery by Specific Synthesis Localized of Poly amido- amine  Dendrimers


Author(s): Omid Louie*, Abdolhosaien  Massoudi, Sami Sajjadifar

Address: Department of Chemistry, PNU(Payam nor university), mashad, Iran;


Covalent conjugation of anticancer drugs to dendrimer’s surface groups has been used to achieve controlled spatial and temporal release of the attached drugs. The large number of dendrimers’ surface groups and the versatility in their chemical structures allow the conjugation of different anticancer drugs, imaging agents, and/or targeting ligands while maintaining the dendrimer’s compact spherical geometry in solution (Figure 1). One suspects that the national interest in transferring promising drug delivery systems from the preclinical side to the clinical arena will expedite the

evaluation of dendrimers-based drug delivery systems in cancer patients. This is certainly an interesting time for sophisticated dendrimers-based drug delivery systems to emerge as clinically viable anticancer therapies.

Figure 1. Schematic drawing showing a dendrimer-drug conjugate where the drug molecules (red ovals) are either directly coupled (solid lines) to dendrimer’s surface groups or via a pH sensitive linkage (blue rectangle).



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