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خلاصه مقالات ارسالی به چهاردهمین کنگره شیمی آلی کشور - زابل - شیمی و پلیمر


Title: A new theoretical model for assessment of molar mass  in  type  dendrimers

Authors: Massoudi.A.H, Vahedi.H, Louie.O , Sajjadifar.S

Address: Payame nour University .Mashad. Iran



Dendrimers are architechral macromolecules with a lot of branches in three-dimensional and ordered structures. They have been prepared [1,2] via multistage reaction  in which  the  number of generations produced .The  number of generations are correspond to their  number of the rings . [4,3]

In this research the efficiency of   computational  molar mass  model of  the dendrimer with  alcoholic ,acidic ,amine and tert-Butyl acetate groups terminated in end branches were investigated. According  to our investigation a developed  model was obtained, in which  by the knowledge of molar masses of the core  ( ) and end branch groups ( ) and  number of  active sites in the  core ( ) ,molecular weight  of dendrimer  - type  was achieved .



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synthesis new 3H-Indoles by fischer synthesis method

Authors: M.M.Baradarani *b, J.Khalafib, H.Vahedi a,A.H. Massoudi a , S.Sajjadifara,O.Louie b

a. Department of chemistry, University of Payame noor, Mashhad, Iran

b. Department of chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Urmia, Urmia 57135, Iran



Methylindolenines were prepared by fischer indole synthetic reaction of o,m-tolylhydrazinehydrochloride with methylisopropylketone and   2-methylcyclohexanone in acetic acid at room temperature in high yield.

o,p – Nitrophenylhydrazines were reacted with 2-methylcyclohexanone in acetic acid at reflux to give nitroindolenines , and the reaction of o,p – nitrophenylhydrazines with methylisopropylketone in acetic acid were not successful.

o,p – Nitrophenylhydrazines were reacted with methylisopropylketone in acetic acid , hydrochloric acid to give 2,3,3- trimethyl-5- nitro- indolenine and 2,3,3- trimethyl-7- nitro- indolenine


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