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Title:  Drug Delivery by Specific Synthesis Localized of Poly amido- amine  Dendrimers


Author(s): Omid Louie*, Abdolhosaien  Massoudi, Sami Sajjadifar

Address: Department of Chemistry, PNU(Payam nor university), mashad, Iran;


Covalent conjugation of anticancer drugs to dendrimer’s surface groups has been used to achieve controlled spatial and temporal release of the attached drugs. The large number of dendrimers’ surface groups and the versatility in their chemical structures allow the conjugation of different anticancer drugs, imaging agents, and/or targeting ligands while maintaining the dendrimer’s compact spherical geometry in solution (Figure 1). One suspects that the national interest in transferring promising drug delivery systems from the preclinical side to the clinical arena will expedite the

evaluation of dendrimers-based drug delivery systems in cancer patients. This is certainly an interesting time for sophisticated dendrimers-based drug delivery systems to emerge as clinically viable anticancer therapies.

Figure 1. Schematic drawing showing a dendrimer-drug conjugate where the drug molecules (red ovals) are either directly coupled (solid lines) to dendrimer’s surface groups or via a pH sensitive linkage (blue rectangle).



 Louie. O.; Massoudi.  AH.; Vahedi. H.; Sajjadifar. S.; Polymer, 2009, 50, 5605–5607

  Louie. O.; Massoudi.  AH.; Vahedi. H.; Sajjadifar. S.; E-Journal of Chemistry, 2009, 6(3), 681-684

      3.  Louie. O.; Massoudi.  AH.; etal.; Clinical Biochemistry,2011, 44, 13 S281-S282

خلاصه  مقاله پذیرفته  شده  در بیستمین  سمینار شیمی آلی کشور  ,همدان  دانشگاه  بوعلی ,  دوازدهم تیر ماه    نود و دو

 نوع  تایید : سخنرانی

 کتاب   سنتز پلیمر ها  برای دانشجویان ارشد  شیمی

 روی  لینک  کتاب   کلیک  کنید  تا  کتاب مورد  نظر دانلود گردد .

رمز عبور برای دانلود  آدرس وب لاگ است  بدون   حروف  www  را  در بالای  دریافت  فایل   در صفحه ی باز شده  تایپ کنید

فایل  به آسانی دانلود می گردد

Polymer Synthesis:
Theory and Practice

Fundamentals, Methods, Experiments
Fourth Edition

D. Braun • H. Cherdron • M. Rehahn • H. Ritter • B. Voit

ISBN 3-540-20770-8 Springer Berlin Heidelberg New York

فصل  های  کتاب   سنتز پلیمر


2- Methods and Techniques for Synthesis, Characterization, Processing,
and Modification of Polymers

3- Synthesis of Macromolecules by Chain Growth Polymeriaztion

4- Synthesis of Macromolecules by Step Growth Polymerization

5- Modification of Macromolecular Substances

Subject Index


Highly efficient regioselective thiocyanations of indoles and N,N-disubstituted anilines are achieved via a green and simple protocol using boron sulfonic acid (BSA) as a new catalyst and KSCN/H2O2 as a mild and environmentally friendly oxidant in aqueous media.

2013 (2013), Article ID 674946, 6 pages

Research Article

Regioselective Thiocyanation of Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Compounds by Using Boron Sulfonic Acid as a New, Efficient, and Cheap Catalyst in Water

Sami Sajjadifar1,2 and Omid Louie2

1Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Ilam University, P.O. Box 69315516, Ilam, Iran2Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, P.O. Box 19395-4697, Tehran, Iran

Received 23 December 2011; Revised 19 May 2012; Accepted 20 June 2012

American Journal of Chemistry


No.5, October 2012)

Your paper:

Paper ID: 109100092

Paper Title: Characterization of the Gypsum Composite for Electrical Conductivity

has been accepted for the publication. It will be published in

1.      The 3rd International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy February(ICDDT) 7th - 10th, 2011, Dubai, UAE   BSA: as a New, Efficient and Recrystalable Catalyst for the Synthesis of Quinoxalines at Room Temperature, (web:

2.       12th Iranian Congress of Biochemistry & the 4th International Congress of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Mashhad University of Medical Sciences - Mashhad - Iran. This article published in clinical Biochemistry,6-9 September 2011

3.      9th  International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology  Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (ISPC), Tehran, Iran , 17-21 October 2009

4.      2nd International Symposium Frontiers in Polymer Science 29- 31 May 2011, Centre de Congrès, Lyon, France, The synthesis of Azo(PAMAM -DIPA Core(G1))2 Dendrimer

5.      Challenges in Bioorganic & Organic Medicinal Chemistry13th Tetrahedron Symposium

 26-29 June 2012, NH Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tetrazole      Synthesis by Using BSA as a New, Cheap and Efficient Catalyst in Ethylenglicol 


World Congress on

Engineering and Technology 

CET 2012,Beijing, China from Oct. 26 to Oct. 28, 2012,

Facile Method of Quinoxaline Synthesis Using Phenol as aNew, Efficient and Cheap Catalyst at Room Temperature

Abstarct A simple, highly efficient and green procedure for the condensation of aryl and alkyl 1,2-diamines with α-diketones in the presence of catalytic amount of phenol(20 mo l%) at room temperature is described. Using this method, quinoxaline derivatives as biologically interesting compounds are produced in high to excellent yields and short reaction times.

American Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012, 2(4): 97-104

DOI: 10.5923/j.ajoc.20120204.04

Dear Dr Omid Louie (Chemistry Department, Payame Noor University,

Mashhad, Iran)  

Thanks for your paper submission to CET 2012! We are glad to inform you that your paperID: [id]71324

TITLE:[title] The Modification of Poly amidoamine (PAMAM-G0.5) by Cytosine

AUTHORS: [authors] omid louie,etal

has been accepted as a full paper for the final program. Congratulations!

We cordially invite you to for your paper in World Congress on Engineering and Technology(CET2012) , which will be held in Beijing, China from Oct. 26 to Oct. 28, 2012.

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